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Welcome to my blog! I’m Isabelle a stay at home mom to two kids. Here you will find a little bit of everything, mom tips, funny kid stories, birth stories, mental health tips, and probably too much sarcasm.

I currently stay at home and take care of my two little boys, Amos and Remus. between the two of them I am kept rather busy and yet sometimes I am also extremely bored. Not sure that happens every time I turn around there is another mess to clean or another diaper to change and yet I still get bored. I do get to spend my days with my boys though and I love them so much. Mama is probably my favorite name to be called, especially when it’s my toddler who says it.

When I’m not chasing around a toddler or holding a baby I have a host of other hobbies to attend to. I love to cook, write(obviously), draw, and sew. And you will hear(or read) about all of it here. So if you are into total lack of organization, random thoughts, and some occasional serious content than we should get along just fine.

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