Let’s Talk about Advent

It’s November, which means that for some people the Christmas season has already started, I might be kind of one of those people. I love Christmas and the décor and everything but I refuse to decorate until at least the last week of the month.

                And even then, technically for Catholics, it still isn’t the Christmas season It’s Advent. Advent is the start of the year for Catholics, it’s the religious new year. It’s a designated time of waiting, and what are we waiting for? Emmanuel.

                That doesn’t mean we can’t get into all of the Christmas stuff and celebrate and be happy, after all God wants you to be happy, He does love you. It does mean though that while we do that we need to take time to prepare ourselves for Christ.

                That being said I will be sharing what I will be doing during this Advent season this year which starts on November 28th. For my fellow Christians I will be sharing some religious Ideas for the preparation of the heart as well as some super fun Christmas activities.

Amos’s Christmas photo shoot from last year.

The Count Down

I love paper chains. Just love them. They are so much fun and simple and easy and just wonderful. Have I said that already? I made a one hundred day wedding countdown with my husband and it was a great way to watch the days pass by.

                For Advent I thought I would do the same thing. I looked at all of the Christmas countdown stuff and even attempted to convince myself to buy a premade advent calendar but I don’t have that kind of money.

                So Paper chain it is. It is of course going to be done in rich reds and greens and maybe decorated with some gold sparkles… We will see. The interesting part is that each loop will have an activity for every day of the countdown.

                I have seen this idea before and you can buy templates for them but I am going to take this chance and tailor one towards my family. I have the advantage of knowing our schedule and being able to tell which activity will be best for each day.

                This promises a lot of fun as simple tasks often do. The best part is it doesn’t matter if Amos gets a hold of this, it’s paper. Also It’s going to be super fun putting it together with him, the child loves arts and crafts.

Christmas fun

Now for the planned activities I have a few ideas. I want them to all be something that Amos can participate in so if you are looking for Toddler related activities you can find them here. I also don’t want all of them to be crazy or involved because let’s be honest I don’t have time for that.

                The big ones I know I want are: getting a Christmas tree, decorating it, baking Christmas cookies and other Christmas foods, making Christmas cards, and going sledding. (If there is snow, It’s a hit or miss with NY)

                Little activities would be: Face time the grandparents, drink some cocoa, watch a Christmas movie, color a Santa picture, mail a letter to Santa, and so on. Those little things that take only a few minutes but are just so fun.

                I can’t wait to put it all together and go through the calendar and figure out when to do what or how to put it all together and then go to my parents house so I can print it. (Yeah I don’t have a printer, yet) Actually starting the count down is also very exciting.

Jesus Time

I am a practicing Catholic, emphasis on practicing. I am trying to deepen my relationship with God and it is a daunting task but not a boring one that’s for sure. I honestly don’t know why people think being a Christian is boring, you clearly aren’t reading the right books.

                It is my dream to write a children’s advent book and maybe some day I will get there and I can get my sister to illustrate it, as she is a brilliant artist but anyway. Let’s talk about why advent can be both solemn and fun.

                My first part of my plan was actually a surprise, a book my mom got me. It’s called every sacred Sunday. It’s a mass companion to help you meditate on the Gospel. It is designed for the whole year but as I mentioned earlier Advent is the new year for Catholics.

                I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the Church’s new year than spending a little time meditating on the Gospels and it will help me keep my focus in Church a little more. I have a tendency to zone out whenever people read out loud.

                I also intend to share the story of Christmas with Amos, which is going to be so much fun. I am going to read him some books about it and show him a nativity, and tell him all about the baby Jesus.

                Definitely a great part about being a mom is getting to share the story of salvation with your child and getting to watch him learn about God and develop his own relationship with him. I am very excited to start teaching Amos about our wonderful God.

What Do I Wear?

Also during this time it is essential that I plan the perfect Christmas outfits for Christmas mass, which I am going to have to do a whole post on Christmas mass someday because it is just an incredible experience.

                Back to clothing. I love dressing up for Christmas and I need to find outfits for me and Amos, I will share them over on my Instagram when I decide.

                Another idea I have is Christmas Pajamas but they are expensive!! So I am going to attempt to DIY them. I’m sticking to something simple and will definitely make a video of the whole thing. I am excited for the challenge and it will only make wearing it more rewarding.

Christmas Rush

There are of course a lot of things to get done before Christmas which I will be sharing the process here. It’s super exciting though and my first Christmas being Married!! Which is an event all on it’s own.

                Christmas is my favorite season. Everyone is so joyful, the music is unique and it’s colorful and bright. It’s the one time that I feel people step out of their comfort zone to be cheerful and while many might not know it, it’s because we are celebrating being saved.

Thank you for Reading.

-Isabelle Schmitz

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